Founded in 1931, UNIAPAC is an ecumenical Union which today brings together Christian Business Leader Associations from 37 countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

UNIAPAC represents 25 000 very active business executives worldwide and support them in:

  • Promoting the transformation of their company to contribute to the construction of a more just and humane society,
  • Ensuring their own personal development and training,
  • Serving as a link between Christian associations of business executives across the world to facilitate exchanges,
  • Supporting the activities of these regional associations,
  • Sponsoring the founding of Christian associations of business executives,
  • Representing the member associations in International Institutions.
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The Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace works to “promote justice and peace in the world according to the Gospel and the social teaching of the Church” (Pastor Bonus, § 142). According to its founder, Pope Paul VI, its name, “Justice and Peace, aptly describes its program and its goal.” The Council deepens the Church’s social doctrine and ensures that it is widely spread and put into practice among people and communities. Some of the main topics we work on include justice, peace, human development and human rights. We cooperate first of all with the Bishops’ Conferences around the world, and relate with Catholic and other international organizations which sincerely strive to promote peace and justice in the world.

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